Batches from 2005-07, 2006-08, 2007-09, 2008-10 & 2009-11 were invited. Performances from the current batch entertained the ex-students. Alumni's shared their memories of the college and their industry experiences.

The Seminar topic is ‘India as an Enterprise’ wherein the committee aims to outline the functioning, expertise and financial strength if a successful enterprise i.e. Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Operation and Logistics, etc. and then apply it at a macro level, our nation India. Each session will be brain storming leading to intense discussion which will aim to elevate the students’ outlook for India’s ability to raise resources, its creditworthiness, its credibility in international market and its talent management ability.

"Salaame” has been around for 3 years now and like every year this year again it was a great success. The 2 days were studded with one or more major events on both days. These events were the crowd magnets.

Day 1: Brand Housie, Mock Stock and Maybelline make over received heavy registerations. Brand Housie was played by actually using tombola tickets which made the game all the more innovative and interesting. T-Shirt Painting, Nail Painting, Dublage, Foto Madness, You Are Fired were some of the other events. The first night of the cultural extravaganza came to an end with sparkling performances at the singing competition which was judged by Mrs. Flossy Joseph (Academic Head of K. C. College of Management Studies) and Mr. Chirantan Bhatt (Music Composer for movies like EMI, MISSION ISTANBUL and the famous song Hip Hopper).The crowd cheered him while he sang “Aankon He Aankon Mein” from the movie EMI. Special Thanks to Educational World for sponsoring all Management Games and Best College Trophy.

Day 2: started off with Treasure Hunt, followed by sport events like table tennis and carom. Harsh Mehta and Jinish Babaria from K. J. Somaiya Arts and Commerce won T.T (DoubleS). From and Needless to say, Personality Contest, Fashion Show and the Dance Competition rose the spirits of the crowd and filled the atmosphere with exuberance and excitement. The Fashion show was judged by Aditya Narayan, debutant in film industry Shweta Agarwal, Costume Designer Mr. Raheel and Mr. Chirantan Bhatt. The stage was burning up with show stoppers from colleges like IIPM, KCCMS, Lalas, K.C junior college, SIES and many more. Special Thanks to Mr. Vikram Bhatt for his great support.

Aditya Narayan sang “Khabhi Na Khabhi Toh Milo Ge”, a song from his going to be debutant movie “SHAAPIT” first time in public. It’s a great honor for us. Anant Mahadevan, Director of upcoming movie “Red Alert” did the prize distribution. The crowd also got a glance of Sunil Shetty’s coming up movie “RED ALERT-the war within. We also had tie-up with Shemaroo Entertainment Pvt Ltd for their upcoming movie “ISHQIYA” with that we spread message “Stop Piracy”.

Team Building Events like Cricket for Boys & Throwball for Girls was conducted to bring out the sports talent in our students. All these events are awaited with great enthusiasm. PGCHM - DIV A had won both the cups in the Second Edition too.

The Programme was developed by The TalkShop to introduce the student to Management Studies and help him/her to get most of it from the Management Programme. The Programme offered an overview of Management Subjects - Introduction to Programme Pedagogy (Case Study, Project Work, Experiential, Role Plays, and Manage Events).

The Progamme was facilitated by Dr. Mathai Baker Fenn, Faculty at XLRI, Jamshedpur

Every year KCCMS conducts an academic seminar on a current topic of relevance where we invite a panel of corporate bigwigs to discuss the topic. Invitation is also extended to students and faculty members from other management colleges.

The theme for the year 2009 was `Impact of the Economic Melt Down in Various Corporate Sectors’ where eminent personalities like Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani , Mr. Prahlad Kakkar, Mr. Ranjit Shahnani spoke on the impact of the melt down in the infrastructure, advertising and pharmaceutical sectors respectively. This was followed by active student interactions.

At KCCMS, Convocation day is an eagerly awaited day by the graduating students. We invite guests who can deliver a strong message as our students get ready to venture into the corporate battle field.

The official ceremony begins with a convocation procession followed by the oath taking ceremony and thereafter the diplomas are granted. Meritorious students are also given special awards, trophies and cash prizes. Over the years we have had powerful people as Chief Guests for our convocation such as

Mr. Ashok Wadhwa, CEO & MD, Ambit Corporate Finance ( 2007)

Mr. Deepak Parekh, Chairman, HDFC Ltd (2008)

Mr. Gunit Chadha, Country Head, Deutsche Bank AG India (2009)

Convocations held on 14 December 2007, 21 October 2008, 4 November 2009

On the succes of the first edition of Salaame 2006, our students come up with Salaame 2008 - The Funk Cult. The 3-day festival experienced participation and performances from around 30 colleges and had mix of cultural events: performing arts, fine arts, literary arts, informal events and special events. The Best College trophy was won by K. C. College, Churchgate, Mumbai.

As a woman do you put your career on hold to devote time to the family when your children were small and now you are trying to find your way back to work? Or maybe you are unable to move ahead because it may mean that you are less available at home? Or maybe you have a colleague or boss who is acting difficult with you? Maybe he just doesn’t take you seriously because of your gender? Or maybe the questions are simpler...”what can I wear to office that does not draw attention to me?” If you are a woman executive, facing challenges and tough decisions, you will find this program of special relevance. The workshop is facilitated by Dr. Mathai Baker Fenn, a psychologist with a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay and almost a decade teaching experience at XLRI, Jamshedpur.

At the outset SALAAME, a first-time attempt by the students of KCCMS, sponsorship was the pre-requisite. We got impressive list of sponsors for a first-time event! The primary reason for such good sponsorship was the enthusiasm and the potential that our students portrayed. After all potential spotted, is sponsorship earned!. Sponsorship was followed by participation of almost 30 colleges, awaiting the prospect of a new fest with zest and zeal. And like never before, students of KCCMS were armed with creatively challenging and innovative events. To add to the grace we had the presence of our Honorary Director Ms. MANJU NICHANI and the Head of Placement Affairs of KCCMS, Mrs. HARVINDER BINDRA. The final day, 19th October 2006, was lightened up by some amazing Dance Performances, sizzling Fashion Show & last but not the least the drama performed by our KCCMS guys & gals.

Team Building Events like Cricket for Boys & Throwball for Girls was conducted to bring out the sports talent in our students. All these events are awaited with great enthusiasm. PGCHM - DIV A had won both the cups.