The history of K. C. College of Management Studies (KCCMS) rolls way back from 1964. The initial year saw KCCMS in service from the K. C. College campus at Churchgate with evening courses. With passing time the college reputation steeped so high that it created a great demand to have an extended course in Management. Therefore the Post Graduate Diploma in Management was introduced in the year 1999. Under the supreme guidance of the Director, Ms. Manju Nichani; KCCMS spread out its wings to fly to its own campus in 2005 to Colaba, Mumbai. K. C. College of Management Studies (KCCMS) was born to infuse a new life among academic institutions under the aegis of the H(S)NC Board. Nestled in the heart of India’s financial capital, Mumbai, stands K. C. College of Management Studies stands tall in the by lanes of Colaba Causeway and has become a landmark institution creating business managers with intellect and social commitment in the globalised era.

About us

For an institute that has completed its Golden Jubilee in management education, KCCMS offers a unique platform to the students, encouraging conceptual understanding and providing the right focus based on industry needs. The USP is the location with access to the best industry professionals, an advisory Board of corporate honchos, infrastructure, International linkages, extra-curricular, co - curricular and outreach activities.

50 Golden years in Education with Management Courses, is what withstands K C College of Management Studies (KCCMS) with other B schools in India. The Journey began in 1964 in the Financial Capital of India, Mumbai under the aegis of the H(S)NC Board to permeate a new horizon among the academic institutions in India.

The culture of the institute follows an astute combination of concepts, theory and practice. Each programme is carved in such a manner that it persuades student-industry interaction. Keeping this in mind, KCCMS gives every single opportunity to their students to initiate industry specific seminars based on their interest throughout the academic year.

The institute has developed the credibility of training the future of India for all walks of life be it Family, Business, Profession, Political, etc. Students are well equipped to face any kind of challenges which may come in their path. KCCMS is one of those organizations which have been receptive to the changing trends and needs of the society, they offer vibrant up-to-date courses, designed to be both personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding.


Responsive to the ever changing needs of the times, KCCMS offers dynamic up-to-date courses, designed to be both personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding. The learning methods applied are a judicious blend of concepts, theory and practice. The programme is designed to encourage regular student-industry interface. Keeping the above goal in mind, students take initiative to organize seminars on varied areas of interest throughout the academic year.


KCCMS welcomes the deserving and enthusiastic students to come and cultivate themselves and enjoy the fruits of their efforts. One should keep KCCMS on top of one’s list of B- Schools since the college provides the ideal mix of up-to-date curriculum delivered by faculty members with relevant industry experience in the comfort and security of the KCCMS Campus. Based on the strong foundation of imparting quality education, KCCMS is a perfect fit for the youth of today who aspire to gain management education and excel in the field of business, research and entrepreneurship.