Diploma in Graphics and Web Designing

Visual Design is the process of Visual communication using typography, Illustrations, Images and Shapes. Today’s digital age, a website design can either make or break a business. Learning just the design software is not enough. Understanding key factors such as the user profiles, design simplicity, and UI design iteration is also very important. And to fulfill these very needs, we offer you our Expert Certification course in Graphics & Web Design.

Eligibility: HSC | Fees: Rs. 60,000 | Duration: 192 Hours

Photoshop HTML 5 – Hypertext Markup Language
1. Color Theory 1. Coding Language for Web Pages
2. Image Editing 2. Creating Web Pages
3. Matte Painting 3. Web page Navigtion
4. 2d Animation 4. Creating Tables
5. Working with Forms
CSS 3 – Cascading Style Sheets JavaScript
1. Website Styling & Formatting 1. Client Side Scripting for Interactive Website
2. Creating CSS style sheet 2. Web based Calculators
3. Working with CSS web page layout 3. Form Validation
Adobe Dreamweaver Illustrator
1. Auto Coding for Web Pages 1. Vector Art
2. Working with Website setup 2. Logo Design
3. Using CSS with website 3. Corporate Identity
1. Layout for magazine, news papers etc
2. Folio Builder use for interavtive designs

  • Fees once paid, are not refundable under any cicumstances.